PC Multiwall Hollow Profile Sheet Extrusion Line

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This extrusion line designed by LEADER is suitable for the extrusion of various PC hollow profiles, such as roofing panels, wall panels, clip profiles, cogging profiles, corrugated hollow profiles, wings panels, U-lock panels, greca hollow profiles etc. This line adopts high speed, energy-saving, stable screw, and can increase capacity by more than 25%, compared to other similar machines. Specially designed for calibrating device with individual control each unit; specific temperature control device; reduce heat shrinkage; simple operation. Finished sheets produced by such line is featured with smooth surface, beautiful appearance, high impact, widely used on construction, roofing, glazing etc. 

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Features of the lines

1)High speed, energy-saving, stable screw, and can increase capacity by more than 25%, compared to other similar machines. The screw unique design can ensure an excellent plasticizing effect and stable extrusion.
2)Screen changer+melting gear pump: hydraulic quick change for the screens can effectively stop the impurities of the raw material and guarantee the sheets quality. The melting pump can make the raw material pressure stable to guarantee the stable extrusion.
3)co-extruder design and feed-block for UV coating on both sides
4)The T die mold is made of high quality alloy mold steel, specially designed flow channels for PC hollow profiles, a highly portable throttling device can guarantee the distribution pressure of the raw material flow inside T die uniformed to ensure the sheets thickness uniformed. T die mold can be designed to closed type without edges trimming according to customer need.
5)Specially designed for calibrating device with individual control each unit; The vacuum system is composed of two subsystems. Each subsystem is equipped with multiple three-point fixed cycle vacuum groups. Each fixed cycle carries a vacuum adjustment system and a vacuum display system to make the vacuum degree of the plate surface uniform and stable.
6)There are two sets of haul off machines. The first set is equipped with 12 pics of wear-resistance rubber rollers and high power, which can simultaneously and uniformly pull the sheets from the vacuum calibrating table. The second haul off machine assists to remove the sheet stress.
7)Transverse cutter: Equipped with precise instant fixed-length cutting, special alloy wear-resistant blades with heating device to ensure the plate’s quality of the cut surface.
8)Whole line adopts fully automatic Siemens PLC touch screen control; the electronic control equipment effectively optimizes the whole line operation and achieves high quality and high output.

Main applications of the PC hollow sheets

PC hollow sheet has excellent insulation and flame resistance performance, light weight, high impact strength, long term light transmission, widely used in building construction, coverings for major infrastructures, agricultural greenhouses, swimming pool covers, residential and industrial roofing and glazing, wall panels for interior design applications; solar applications, advertising signage etc.

Model LMSB110/35 LMSB120/45 LMSB130/45
Suitable material PC, UV+PC PC, UV+PC PC, UV+PC
Product width 600-900-1220mm 2100mm 2100mm
Product thickness 4-30mm
Sheet structure A/B/A 3 layers co-extrusion, with UV coated on both sides
Max capacity   200-300kg/h 300-400kg/h 400-500kg/h

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