EVA car interior sheet extrusion line

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EVA sheet extrusion line is one of high technology and newly designed machine by Qingdao Leader Machinery Co.,Ltd. This machine is used to produce 1800-2000mm width 1-8mm thickness EVA sheets, which posses the advantages of aging resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to ultraviolet ray, good flexibility, long service life. Such performances make them widely sued in automotive sealing strips, sound insulation cushion, sound absorption sheets, automobile tail box, fenders, car interior and exterior decoration parts etc.

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Sheets specifications

Sheet width 1500mm-1800mm-2000mm
Sheet thickness 1-8mm

Technical Features for Main Parts

1)Pressure kneader
This kneader mainly consists of mixing chamber, rotors, rotors sealed device, pneumatic pressure-increase units etc. The EVA pellets, fillers, agents, lube oil etc materials are put into this kneader. At the adjustable material and pressure hermetic condition, through the specially designed rotating rotors, the kneader begin mix those different kinds materials till they become aglomerator type. This kneader can also mix the edge cutting scraps and other waste material, no need to crush again and then put them into the sheet production again.
2)Automatic transmission hoist
This conveyor can hoist the aglomerator type material from the pressure kneader into the forced feeding machine hopper. This conveyor and the hopper are made of stainless steel and adopts arch design, double type chains to hoist the material to realize stable and reliable work.
3) Forced double screw feeding machine
This feeding machine adopts conical double screws type to feed the material to the main extruder. The main motor is 11 kw with ABB brand frequency inverter for speed adjusting.
4) 180mm (150mm) Gradient single screw extruder
This extruder adopts special gradient type design screws. The screw extruder diameter changes from 180mm to 150mm. This gradient screw is specially designed for the EVA sheets. The cooling method adopts cooper pipes water cooling. The vacuum exhausting device is also installed.
5) T-type die head:
Our machine adopts JC-times brand high quality die head. The mould material is 5CrNiMo and heated by stainless steel heating robs, total 11 heating zones. The temperature control can reach ±1℃, highly precise.
6) Three roller calendars:
alloy steel, hard chrome plating. Forward-backward, down and up and rollers gas adjusting, all adopts fully automatic motor. The rollers temperature controls adopts rollers thermo-controlling machine by circulated conduction oil.
7) Haul off machine:
adopts 2 NBR rollers, roller diameter is 220mm, width is 2200mm.. With meter-counting device.
8) Cutting machine-guillotine:
knife cutting, mechanical type. Motor power 5.5kw. Cutting speed 20 times/per min. Adopted high quality alloy cutting tools, sharp and durable.

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