PET/HIPS/PP/PLA/PBAT Thermoforming Sheet/ Foil Extrusion Line

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Specially designed by LEADER MACHIENRY, this line is used to produce PET HIPS PP PLA PBAT single layer and multi-layers sheet. Speed can be up to 50m/min. Sheets are widely used for the thermoforming packing for food, fruit, medicine, electronics, toys, chemicals, stationery, file bags, file folder, stationery supplies, clear bag, handbag, printing etc. There are two kinds of technologies to produce such sheets: one is single screw extruder plus crystallizing and drying unit and the other is parallel twin screw extruder with dryer-free.

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Single screw extruder plus crystallizing and drying unit is specially designed for PET mono/multi-layer sheet for packing industry. The technology of "Single Screw extruding with low dew-point dehumidifying system" for high quality products in high transparency without buddle, is very important for thermoforming.

The parallel twin screw extrusion line for PET sheet, this line equipped with degassing system, and no need drying and crystallizing unit. The extrusion line has the properties of low energy consumption, simple production process and easy maintenance. The segmented screw structure can reduce the viscosity loss of PET resin, the symmetrical calendar roller can improve the cooling effect and increase the sheet capacity and quality. Multi components dosing feeder can control the percentage of virgin material, recycling material and master batch precisely. This line can also be equipped with automatic T die and online thickness scanner to form a closed circle to ensure the sheets thickness more uniformed. The online side trim granulator and pipeline conveying system can convey the side edges to the front extruder automatically.

PLA is a kind of line shape Aliphatic Polyesters. PLA can be used in rigid package of fruits, vegetables, eggs, cooked food and roast food, also can be used for packaging of sandwich, biscuit and some other packages like fresh flower.

Advantages of the line

1)Gravimetric dosing system for raw material handling, can realize proportionally precise mixing of several types of raw materials components.
2)By changing roller calendars, the line can produce both high gloss smooth finish sheet and also matte finish sheets and other textured sheets as customized.
3)The online side trim granulator and pipeline conveying system can convey the side edges to the front extruder automatically.
4)Sheets accumulator design for higher line speed
5)Effective energy saving technology with very low energy consumption.
6)Whole line adopts fully automatic Siemens PLC touch screen control; the electronic control equipment effectively optimizes the whole line operation and achieves high quality and high output.

Main extruder model LSJ-120 LSJ-150 LPJ-75 LPJ-95
Co-extruder model LSJ-65, LSJ-75 LSJ-65, LSJ-75 LPJ-52 LPJ-52
Suitable material PET PP PS PLA PBAT, granules, flakes etc
Product width 700-1500mm 700-1500mm 700-1500mm 700-1500mm
Product thickness 0.15-1.5-2mm 0.15-1.5-2mm 0.15-1.5-2mm 0.15-1.5-2mm
Max capacity   300-400kg/h 500-800kg/h 300-450kg/h 500-800-1000kg/h
Product structure Mono layer, A/B/A 3 layers, A/B 2 layers, or multi-layers

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