PC PMMA Optical films/sheets extrusion line

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By absorbing most advanced technology at home and abroad, LEADER design and adopt fully automatic gravimetric dosing system, advanced screw and T die, imported melting pump, high precision of roller calendars etc core parts, which can guarantee the uniformed material pressure and melt and excellent performance of the optical parts.

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Main features of the line

1) Dehumidifying and drying system for to reduce the moisture of the raw material
2) Gravimetric dosing system for raw material handling is available.
3) Advanced screw and barrel structure design can realize the raw material good plasticization and stable pressure and reliable extrusion
4) The precise three-roll calendaring system provides a guarantee for the mechanical and physical properties of the sheet. By changing roller calendars, the line can produce both high gloss smooth finish sheet and also matte finish sheets and other textured sheets as customized.
5) Automatic online thickness X-ray scanner gauge can monitor the sheets thickness at real time
6) The new high-speed automatic winding machine is equipped with an automatic correction system, which can automatically complete the winding and cutting actions, and the winding end surface is neat.
7) Advanced technology optimized the extrusion process and result in an excellent and stable products.
8) High flexibility of our lines, suitable for manufacturing a wide range of raw material and products types.
9) Complete automation of the extrusion line saved the labor cost and reduced the maintenance and processing cost as well.
10) Worldwide famous assembly parts, such as SHINI, MOTAN, JC TIMES, NORDSON EDI, SCANTECH, NORD, MAAG, GEFRON, NSK, ABB, SIEMENS etc.

Applications for the sheets

Automotive industry, communications, LCD for laptop, TV, mobile etc, sunglass, helmet, film switch for electronics, medicine packaging, cards, etc.

Main Technical Data

Model LSJ-100/36 LSJ-120/35
Suitable material PC PMMA PC PMMA
Product width 915-927-1000mm 1220mm
Product thickness 0.125-0.175-0.25-0.3-0.55-0.6-1.2mm 0.125-1.2-2mm
Sheets types 0.125-0.5mm thickness in rolls 0.5-2mm thickness in sheets pics
Die width 1300mm 1500mm
Max capacity   200-250kg/h 400-450kg/h

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