PMMA (acrylic sheet) GPPS PS PC PETG/APET Sheets Extrusion Line

Short Description:

By absorbing most advanced technology at home and abroad, LEADER design and adopt fully automatic gravimetric dosing system, advanced screw and T die, imported melting pump, high precision of roller calendars etc core parts, which can guarantee the uniformed material pressure and melt and excellent performance of the optical parts. 

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Main features of the line

1) Dehumidifying and drying system for to reduce the moisture of the raw material
2) Gravimetric dosing system for raw material handling is avaliable
3) Advanced screw and barrel structure design can realize the raw material good plasticization and stable pressure and reliable extrusion
4) By changing roller calendars, the line can produce both high gloss smooth finish sheet and also matte finish sheets and other textured sheets as customized.
5) Advanced technology optimized the extrusion process and result in an excellent and stable products.
6) High flexibility of our lines, suitable for manufacturing a wide range of raw material and products types.
7) Complete automation of the extrusion line saved the labor cost and reduced the maintenance and processing cost as well.
8) Worldwide famous assembly parts, such as SHINI, MOTAN, JC TIMES, NORDSON EDI, SCANTECH, NORD, MAAG, GEFRON, NSK, ABB, SIEMENS etc.

Different applications for such sheets

GPPS PS PC lighting panel is used for the ultra-thin light box, LED flat light panel, poster and advertising decorations. LCD panels are used for the display or computer, laptop, television, and also mobile etc.
PMMA common sheets are widely used for advertising, window and door panels, decoration, handicraft, signage and specimen, showcases and photo frames, building construction, safety barriers/protections, interior design and furniture etc. Electroplate PMMA sheets, widely used for the vacuum plastic mirror etc.

Specifications of the sheets

Sheet width 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1220mm, 1400mm, 1500mm, 2100mm or customized
Sheet thickness: 1-6mm-10mm
Sheet structure: mono layer or multi-layers co-extrusion
Sheets colors: Clear, Green, Blue, Smoke, Opal White, Milky White and Diffuser Translucent colors etc.

Main Technical Data

Model LSJ-105 LSJ-120 LSJ-130
Suitable material PS GPPS PC PMMA
Product width 600-800MM 1220-1400-1600mm 2100mm
Product thickness 1-1.5-6-10mm
Max capacity   250-300kg/h 350-450kg/h 500-600kg/h

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