PP PS PET PE EVA EVOH Multi-layers barrier sheets extrusion line

Short Description:

With the development of the packing industry, the market has higher requirements on the packing sheets. Based on such market demand, absorbed the high end technology from home and abroad and combined with their own manufacturing experiences, LEADER newly developed the five layers symmetrical distribution and seven layers asymmetrical distribution and adopted three or four or five extruders, hot film lamination unit for special small co-extruder for EVOH extrusion, which makes the sheets featured with excellent barrier performance, anti-oxygen and anti-humidity performance and become one of the best barrier packing materials. To suit individual customer’s requirements, the extrusion lines designed by LEADER are with various outputs ranging from 150 kg/hr to 1000 kg/hr, width ranging from 600 mm to 1200 mm, in single to seven layer configuration for barrier and non-barrier sheet, processing various polymers like PS, PP, PE, PET, EVA and EVOH etc.

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Main applications for such sheets

Featured with excellent barrier performance, anti-oxygen and anti-humidity performance, the sheets are widely used for Jelly packing, yogurt packing, meat packing, snack food packing, top-grade food packing, fast food rice packing and as well as pharmaceutical packing, cosmetic packing etc.

Advantages of this line

1) Gravimetric dosing system for raw material handling is available, which can realize proportionally precise mixing of several types of raw materials components.
2) Advanced screw and barrel structure design can realize the raw material good plasticization and stable pressure and reliable extrusion
3) Hydraulic screen changer can effectively block the impurities from the raw material.
4) Imported Melt gearing pump is equipped to guarantee the raw material pressure more stable.
5) T die and online thickness scanner are equipped together to ensure the sheet thickness more uniformed.
6) The three roller calendars can adopt horizontal type, oblique type, vertical type or other angles type designs to meet different types of sheets extrusion. The driving system of the roller calendars can be common reduced motor control or servo motors control.
7) The online side trim granulator and pipeline conveying system can convey the side edges to the front extruder automatically.
8) Silicone oil coating unit can make sure the sheets are easily taken off from the thermoformed molds.
9) Sheets accumulator design for higher line speed
10) Worldwide famous assembly parts, such as SHINI, MOTAN, JC TIMES, NORDSON EDI, SCANTECH, NORD, MAAG, GEFRON, NSK, ABB, SIEMENS etc.
7)Effective energy saving technology with a very low energy consumption.
Whole line adopts fully automatic Siemens PLC touch screen control; the electroni

Main technical data

Main extruder model LSJ-105 LSJ-120 LSJ-150
Co-extruder model LSJ-30, LSJ-45, LSJ-65
Suitable material PP PE PET PS PP PE PET PS PP PE PET PS
Product width 600-800mm 800-1000mm 1000-1200mm
Product thickness 0.15-2mm 0.15-2mm 0.15-2mm
Product structure Mono layer, multi-layers co-extrusion,
Max capacity   200-300kg/h 400-550kg/h 600-1000kg/h

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