PP/PE Chemical/Physical Micro-foam Board Extrusion Line

Short Description:

This line newly designed and produced by our company adopts the latest advanced technology from korea, Japan,USA and other european countries, and integreted worldwide famous assmebly parts, such as SHINI, Motan for raw material gravimetric blending, imported screw and barrle, MAAG pump, imported T-die,high precision three roller calendars withNORD driving system and other downstream parts together.Combined chemical foam and physical foam, we can make the foam ratio up to 3 times with highly smooth surface mirco foam sheets.
This kind of foam sheets are widely used in the field of stationery, handbags, luggage, cosmetics, commodity, plastic containers for medicine, food, drink, alcohol, pesticides, engine oil, chemical industry and glass bottles sealing/gaskets, heat insulation material, construction, food packing, automobile area, industry application, sports ,partitions ect.

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Foam board specifications

Foam board width:400mm- 600mm-800mm-1260mm
Foam board thickness:0.8-3mm, 2-6-10-12mm
Foam density: 0.4-0.7g/cm3

Production flows

Vacuum feeding machine>single screw extruder>hydraulic exchanger>T-die head>three roller calendars>thermoforming machine>cooling frame and edge cutting units>2 rubber rollers haul off machine>cutter-guillotine or twin position winder>material conveying able>stacker

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