PP PE HDPE Thick Board Plate Extrusion Line

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PP PE Thick Board Plate Extrusion Line


This extrusion line is used to produce 3-30mm thickness PP PE board, which can be widely used in chemical industry, food industry, anti-corrosion industry, purification industry, and environmental protection equipment production industry. HDPE boards can also be used as engineering plastics in machinery, chemical and other equipment, and are widely used in the manufacture of hockey rink wall panels.


The 2000mm with 3-30mm PP thickness plate extrusion line is a stable production line newly developed by LEADER that is ahead of its peers.


Main Features and Advantages of This Extrusion Line:

1. To produce 2000mm width 5-20mm thickness HDPE thick board

2. Sheet extrusion capacity: 550-700kg/h

3. Single screw main extruder φ150mm

4. JC TIMES brand hydraulic screen changer and T die head

5. Switzerland MAAG melting gear pump

6. SIEMENS PLC Touch screen control cabinet,

ABB, SIEMENS, SCHNEIDER, OMRON, CARLOGAVAZZI etc. famous electrical components.


Configuration of This Extrusion Line:

Mixing type dryer for raw material drying 1 set

Single screw extruder with degassing  1 set

Hydraulic screen changer and melting gear pump  1 set

T die head  1 set

Three roller calendars +IR heater+ thermo-controller  1 set

Downstream parts: cooling frame and edges trimming, haul off machine, transverse cutter, belt conveyor complete set


Main Technical Data


Model LMSB-120 LMSB-150 LMSB-160/120
Suitable material PP PE
Product width 1220-1500mm 1500-2000mm 2000-2500mm
Product thickness 3-30mm
Max capacity 500kg/h 600-700kg/h 1000-1200kg/h

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