19th Asia Pacific International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition

19th Asia Pacific International Plastic and Rubber Industry Exhibition
Booth Number N6#A70
Exhibiting date: Aug 3-6th 2022
Exhibition place: Qingdao city, China
Exhibiting Range
1) Rubber and plastic machinery: injection molding machine, blow molding machine, extruder, film blowing machine, casting equipment, braiding machine, rubber machine, mixing equipment, calendering equipment, etc.
2) Auxiliary machinery: plastic auxiliary machinery, manipulator, plastic and rubber recycling equipment, testing equipment, post-processing equipment, instrumentation
3) Raw materials: plastic and rubber raw and auxiliary materials, additives and semi-finished products, inks, particles, adhesives, etc.
Our Company Exhibiting Products:
PC multiwall hollow sheets extrusion line, PC PMMA solid sheet extrusion line, HDPE extra width geomembrane extrusion line, PP PS PET HIPS sheet extrusion line for thermoforming, ABS HIPS PC PMMA sheet extrusion line, GPPS PS PC PMMA lighting panel sheet extrusion line, PP hollow profile sheet extrusion line, HDPE sheets & T-grip sheets & geocell sheet extrusion line, rigid PVC sheet extrusion line, PVC celuka foam board & free foam board extrusion line etc.


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Post time: Aug-19-2022